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Website Development with TYPO3

Always stay flexible!

Sunbeam uses the open source content management system TYPO3 to develop your website or online application. We use the system's standard features or develop new add-ons as needed. We can also make your website accessible to people with disabilities.

Using a content management system (CMS) helps you maintain your site quickly and easily. Strict separation of content, design and programming allows you to 

  • create and edit text,
  • integrate images,
  • add and delete pages, and
  • manage your website 

completely on your own. This not only saves you time and money, it also helps you keep your company's image up to date!

Certified, award-winning TYPO3 experts

We have used TYPO3 in over a dozen successful projects and created dozens of customized add-ons over and above the system’s standard features. 

The website "Greenpeace", which we created using TYPO3, has been recognized by the national organization Aktion Mensch with the prestigious BIENE Prize for its exceptional accessibility for people with disabilities. 

Our developers are TYPO3 integrators with official TYPO3 Association certification and many years of experience.

The popular developer's handbook "TYPO3 -das Handbuch für Entwickler"  was written by Sunbeam employees Andrea Ertel, Prakash Dussoye and Kai Laborenz. 

As a member of the TYPO3 Association, Sunbeam supports the development of the TYPO 3 system.

We offer the following TYPO3 products

Kai Laborenz speaks at the Multimediatreff conference in Cologne
about creating accessible websites with TYPO3
Kai Laborenz
TYPO3-Logo, BINE-Preis, Fachbücher,