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About Us

Service and expertise in renewable energy

Sunbeam has been providing successful communications solutions for businesses, non-profits and government entities since 1998.

The company was founded by German Levitsky and Carsten Koernig, with Kai Laborenz joining as head of the web services division in 2002.

Sunbeam played a decisive role in the formation of the German Solar Industry Association (Bundesverband Solarwirtschaft, formerly Unternehmensvereinigung Solarwirtschaft), handling much of the communication and coordination work for the new association.

Our web services division has developed into a successful parallel entity which has been awarded a number of coveted distinctions 

Since 2006, Sunbeam has been operating as a subsidiary of knowledge service provider Solarpraxis AG and taking advantage of the synergies between the companies.

Since early 2009, Sunbeam's proven service profile has been further developed under the auspices of a new management team.


Logos Solarpraxis und Bundesverband für Solarwirtschaft (BSW), Bilder BINE-Preis und TYPO3-Fachbuch